Alitherm Series

About Alitherm Series

The Alitherm series comprises Alitherm 300, Alitherm 600 and Alitherm 700. With the Alitherm series you can create traditional casement windows inspired by the elegance and styling of timber products, or contemporary style windows designed for modern homes or offices.

Alitherm offers a range of high quality glazing solutions for side and top hung open out windows suitable for both the residential and commercial markets.

Alitherm Parallel is an innovative solution for enhanced natural ventilation. The system helps create a balanced, effective airflow and maintains security and safety. The system can be either a side or top hung casement, or top swing reversible window.


Residential, light commercial or commercial applications.

  • British Standard kite marked system KM81580 and KM81543
  • Extended polyamide thermal break for improved overall U Values
  • Window Energy ‘A’ Rating when used in conjunction with the correct double or triple glazed unit
  • Suitable for both internally or externally beaded, side or top hung open out windows
  • Profiles have the option of either ovolo, chamfered or square edges
  • Frame options for both standard and slim-line stays
  • Options for multi-point or cockspur locking handles

Alitherm 600 is an enhanced system designed to comply with the revisions to the Building Regulations.

  • Document L compliant
  • Window Energy B rating
  • Fabrication is by carried out by crimped or mechanical corners

Alitherm 700 is ideal for insertion into curtain wall facades in both low and high rise commercial buildings

  • The system is suitable for use as either replacement windows in existing buildings, or for installation into new builds
  • Incorporates internally beaded vents suitable for either cockspur or shoot-bolt locking.
  • Suitable for use with chain-operators. It can be operated either individually or as part of an integrated automated solution for building climate control

    Technical Performance

    • Material:
      Aluminium polyamide
    • Finish:
      Dual colour
    • U Value:
      1.3W/m2 to 1.6W/m2K (using the correct sealed unit)
    • Air:
      Class 4, 600Pa
    • Water:
      Alitherm 300/600 Class E, 1,200Pa Alitherm 700 Class 9A, 600Pa
    • Wind:
      Alitherm 300/600 Class AE, 2,400Pa Alitherm 700 Class A, 2,400Pa
    • Security:
      BS 7950:1997 (Casement and Parallels) PAS24:2012 (Reversible)

    Technical Dimensions

    • Frame Depth:
      Alitherm 300 53mm and 70mm Alitherm 600 59mm and 70mm Alitherm 700 70mm
    • Glass:
      24mm to 38mm double or triple glazed units depending on range.
    • Alitherm 300 (Width X Height):
      SH max o/a: Width 700mm Height 1,400mm TH max o/a: Width 1,400mm Height 1,300mm
    • Alitherm 600 (Width X Height):
      SH max o/a Width 1,000mm Height 1,400mm TH max o/a Width 1,400mm Height 1,500mm
    • Alitherm 700 (Width X Height):
      PL max o/a Width 2,000mm Height 3,000mm SH max o/a Width 838mm Height 1,729mm Width 1,729 Height 2,000mm Rev max o/a Width 1,500mm Height 1,558mm