Super Spacer

About Super Spacer

All double glazed units fabricated by BSW feature spacers designed to maximise the thermal properties of the glazing. BSW uses Super Spacer®, a flexible, silicone foam spacer technology by Edgetech UK.

Traditionally double glazed windows used highly conductive metal spacer bars to hold the two panes of glass apart. This sucked heat from inside to the outside. Super Spacer® is a non-metal pre-desiccated structural foam spacer system which provides excellent perimeter insulation for sealed glazing units and significantly simplifies insulating glass production.

Energy Efficient

Eighty per cent of the energy lost through a window occurs at the edge of the glass because of the highly conductive nature of aluminium spacer. Super Spacer® is 950 times less conductive, blocking heat loss and reducing energy costs. Super Spacer reduces window U-values by up to 0.2W/m2K allowing windows to achieve the highest Window Energy Ratings.

  • Reduces external noise pollution by up to 2dB
  • Reduces condensation by up to 70 per cent
  • Works in a temperature range of -15° to 125° C
  • More than 100 EN1279 Part 2 & Part 3 passes
  • 40-year performance guarantee
  • By making our insulating glass units with Super Spacer® our window production is faster and more streamlined. Super Spacer® doesn’t need to be cut into bar length form; it doesn’t need to have a PIB primary seal applied and it doesn’t need to be filled with desiccant. This removes a significant amount of labour from the manufacturing process so we can deliver windows more quickly.
Neutral Appearance

Super Spacer® takes on the appearance of the colour of the profile into which it is glazed. For example, if it is glazed into white profile the spacer reflects back white. This eliminates the need to stock a wide range of different colours and simplifies ordering and stock control.

Tried & Tested

Super Spacer passes EN1279 Part 2 and Part 3 – a legal requirement for all sealed unit manufacturers. Super Spacer is also proven to withstand temperatures from -15°C to 125°C, well beyond any temperatures we experience in the UK.

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