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Yale Blade

Security is a key element in the ultimate window and door system. There is no point in having great looking doors and windows if they are not secure. That is why we have teamed up with Yale to bring you the peace of mind of the Yale Blade.

All our window and door systems are now Yale certified including our locking shoot bolts, cylinders and hinges.

Yale has continued to research its designs and competitors’ products to improve and refine its products’ performance to bring you full peace of mind.

The ready to install YALE Blade features:

  • Advanced performance: Unlike all other window locks, Blade engages the full length of the keeps, for ultimate security and customer peace of mind.
  • Easy installation: No need to adjust cams or replace keeps during or after installation- simplifying installation and reducing call backs
  • Reduced call backs: Fitted entirely within the eurogroove, Blade's locking points retract fully when disengaged, eliminating cam clash issues - reducing call backs
  • Extended Service life: Blade's unique locking action significantly reduces wear, eliminating compression loss and ensuring consistent weather-sealing performance for the life of the products
  • Superior corrosion resistance: Blade's aluminum construction delivers superb corrosion resistance, further enhancing product service life - even in aggressive environments. Corrosion resistance better than EN 1670: Grade 4, further enhancing product service life - even in aggressive environments.
  • Flexible system: Blade's off-set locks allow for lower handle placement - enabling greater design freedom and easy operation of taller windows.
  • Maintenance friendly: Blade's patented removable gearbox cassette allows for easy repair in cases of window abuse and negates the need for maintenance teams to carry large stocks of replacement window locks.
  • Low operating forces: Easier to operate for those with reduced dexterity. No need to adjust cams or replace keeps after installation - reducing maintenance calls and costs